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  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Transparency

City Hall gains credibility when acting as an institution accountable to the people. Often times it is not obvious to citizens what is happening behind the scenes, let alone how they can appropriately and constructively participate in the processes of local governance. With Community Scorecard™ citizens can become instantly informed, enabling them to weigh in on key topics or issues, making processes function better for you, your staff and your constituents.


At Community Scorecard™ we know one of the most difficult tasks you encounter is communicating effectively with citizens and with staff. Community Scorecard connects you with staff activities and enables you to tell your community’s story in a very powerful way. The solutions we have built into Community Scorecard™ eliminate the need for voluminous, redundant and time consuming staff reporting. At the same time, our simple-to-understand and use interface improves communication between the governing body, staff, residents and important stakeholder groups.


Nearly all local governments grapple with how to make their operations more transparent to citizens. With Community Scorecard™, constituents can enjoy direct access to relevant performance information, thus enhancing transparency and virtually eliminating demands for special reports and presentations.